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OccMed Health and Wellness:

OccMed Health and Wellness provides medical services to our community. We are focused on partnering with our patients and using evidence-based treatment plans for screening, disease prevention, chronic disease management, and workforce services, including DOT exams and care for injured workers. Find us in the vibrant Kaka’ako business district.

Our Mission

To provide competent and quality services to our clients. Provide an environment that allows for strategized patient care that focuses on education, communication, improved efficiency in care, and cost savings.

OccMed Health & Wellness - Occupational Therapy Honolulu, Hawaii

What We Do

OccMed Health and Wellness provides a broad spectrum of medical services to the adult population as well as medical services to injured workers. Our injured worker program is enhanced by the training of our primary care providers educated and trained in case management. This novel concept has never been explored in this field of medicine. Our services include medical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. Our model improves communication between providers, payors, and injured workers. The goal is to provide effective, efficient, and whole-person care, resulting in cost savings associated with healthcare and with work-related injuries.

OccMed Health & Wellness - Occupational Therapy Honolulu, Hawaii


OccMed Health and Wellness serves the population of Hawaii for all medical needs including primary care. OccMed also works with employers and employees navigating a work injury. Specifically, we specialize in the evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries. We focus our treatment on avoiding the pitfalls of work comp, including delayed paperwork, delayed approvals, and delayed patient treatment. Incorporating case management services in primary care can reduce costs by avoiding paperwork overload and mismanagement.

OccMed Health & Wellness - Occupational Therapy Honolulu, Hawaii


Sometimes there are obstacles to entering a medical office, but help is still available.

Our providers can meet you over a HIPAA-compliant connection.